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Some thesis writing style for the good result

In order for the dissertation to be successful and for the author to be able to defend it successfully, it is necessary to take care of the writing style. The best idea is to choose a light manner so that it is clear to everyone. You should not overload the work with complex expressions or terms. The style should be formal, but not dry and uninteresting. For clarity of work it is necessary to adhere to logical sequence of the statement, and not to add to it irrelevant information. The first rule in the list of tips on how to write a dissertation is to remember the essence of the research. The dissertation is always a qualifying work. It must contain a new, modern approach in a particular field of science or practice. The mistake of many applicants is to underestimate the significance and complexity of the work, and, as a consequence, to exaggerate their own abilities. The concept of qualification work should not be simplified. The candidate’s dissertation is not just 150 pages of typewritten text, diluted by tables and formulas. It is necessary to understand why the author needs it, and then the motivation to create quality work will come.
The design of the dissertation also plays an important role. The structure should have the following elements: title page; annotation; content; list of symbols (if necessary); the main part, which consists of an introduction, literature review, general methods and research methods, the results of their own research, generalization and discussion of research, conclusions, proposals for production (if necessary); references. Each structural element must start on a new page. All pages of the dissertation must be numbered. The style of the dissertation (paragraphs, indents, margins, font and size) should be the same throughout the text. The distance between the title and subsequent or previous text should be two lines. It is not allowed to place the title of the section, subsection at the bottom of the page, if only one line of text is placed after it.
Pages should be numbered in Arabic numerals, following through numbering throughout the text. The page number is placed in the upper right corner of the page without a dot at the end (dissertation) or in the center at the top of the page without a dot at the end (abstract).
The title page, annotations, table of contents are included in the general numbering of the dissertation pages, but the page number is not affixed. Illustrations and tables placed on individual pages include the general numbering of pages of the work. The content of the dissertation must contain the names of structural elements, titles (if any) with the numbering and page numbers from which the corresponding structural element begins. Dissertation sections usually include subsections (numbering consists of two numbers separated by a dot), paragraphs (numbering – of three numbers), subsections (numbering – of four numbers). The list of symbols, units, abbreviations and terms is given, if necessary, in the form of a separate list, and their interpretation is given in the text at the first mention. Terms, abbreviations, symbols, symbols, which are repeated no more than twice, are not included in the list. The conclusions present the most important scientific and practical results obtained in the thesis, which contributed to the solution of the scientific problem (task). If there is a practical significance of the obtained results for their formulation, information on the use of research results or recommendations for their use are provided. Information on the implemented research results must be submitted with the names of the organizations in which the implementation is carried out, forms of implementation and details of the relevant documents.

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