The presentation is a speech by a speaker in front

The presentation is a speech by a speaker in front of an audience with appropriately processed information and supporting material that he has prepared to showcase the information, raise the audience’s attention and support himself. The audience needs to be attracted by word and sound. The speaker’s position is very important because the speaker communicates with the audience, creates and maintains contact with the ability to influence the audience’s views.

If the speaker does not have enough experience in creating presentations, has difficulty in expressing whether he or she feels uncertainty and stress, because the presentation is the focus of attention, it is necessary to devote sufficient attention to the preparation of the presentation. As part of planning and preparing a presentation, it is first necessary to define the goal that your presentation is supposed to meet and ask yourself: “What exactly do I want to say? Then how do I formulate this in the sentence? ”Then, select the type and amount of information the author wants to provide, characterize other areas necessary to understand the issue, and consider time options.

The second important area is the audience to which the presentation is intended. It is necessary to know in advance what type of audience will participate in the presentation, at what age and for what reasons the events are planned to participate (duty, interest), whether they know the issue or what they expect.