Dissertation is an extensive scientific debate

A dissertation or a dissertation is an extensive scientific debate in which a complex technical problem is solved based on scientific research and using rich background material and scientific methods. Dissertation is a prerequisite for awarding a PhD degree. and is the conclusion of the third degree of higher education. In EU legislation (Act No. 131/2002 Coll. On Higher Education Institutions), a prerequisite for the completion of a doctoral study is, in addition to defending a dissertation thesis, also a dissertation examination. The dissertation exam precedes the submission of the thesis, because the student registers for it in 18 resp. 24 months from the start of the study (depending on the study department). Part of the dissertation examination is a written work, elaborated for the dissertation examination (so-called minimum work).

The dissertation thesis demonstrates the ability and readiness for independent scientific and creative activity in the field of research or development and for solving theoretical and practical problems of the field of study. This type of work is characterized by a high degree of analysis and synthesis of knowledge and a sufficient overview of existing scientific literature. The results of the dissertation have the character of original and new knowledge in the field.