The MBA award is the final work of the Master study

The MBA award is the final work of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) study. MBA is a foreign university degree in management at the 2nd level of university education. Under the Higher Education Act, the MBA is not included in the system of higher education in the UK and thus belongs to our lifelong learning. The MBA originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century when a scientific approach to management began to be applied.

The main content of MBA programs consists of the knowledge of accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and management so as to cover as much as possible relevant practical needs for analysis and management strategies. Graduates will receive an MBA, named after their name, along with a diploma or appropriate certificate. The study is intended primarily for representatives of middle and top management, company owners, entrepreneurs, traders as well as employees of public and state administration, non-profit sector and health care.

The difference with classical university studies is considerable for the MBA. The MBA study is aimed at further deepening the knowledge already acquired beyond higher education, focusing primarily on their practical application. It is the focus on practice that adds value to the MBA and increases the skills of jobseekers in the labor market. The training is provided by a number of practitioners who provide students with their own know-how acquired through years of experience in the field. Lecturer meetings are aimed at solving various case studies. In addition, students will gain a wealth of valuable and future-oriented professional and personal contacts.