Rigorous work is a final written work whose submission

Rigorous work is a final written work whose submission and defense is part of a rigorous exam. Upon successful completion of this course, the graduate obtains a doctor’s degree (RNDr. In natural sciences, PhD in social sciences, PhD in pharmacy, JUDr. In legal sciences, PaedDr. In teaching or ThDr. In theology (except Catholic theology).

The scope of the rigorous thesis is usually 70 to 90 pages and is usually prepared in English language. If a rigorous thesis is written in a language other than the state language, it must contain a resume in English language to the extent of 10% of the final thesis. By elaborating it, the candidate should demonstrate the ability to acquire new knowledge and knowledge in his / her field of science on a broader basis and apply it in practice independently. Work does not necessarily have to be scientific.

 The defense of the rigorous thesis is part of the rigorous examination in the field of study in which the student has obtained a university degree. Rigorous work must be original and original. It must not be a modified or elaborated diploma or other progressive and qualifying work.

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